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Technical Support


Our Values

Our goal is to improve the quality of medical reproductive techniques and better protect all parties and individuals involved. Therefore Family GenerAid Foundation believes strongly in:

  • the right of access to medical reproductive techniques to be fair and transparent;

  • the fact that there are no perfect parents and there is no perfect way to raise a child;

  • the right to become a parent when a person can provide a loving environment to raise a child;

  • guiding a child through to adulthood with compassion, care and responsibility;

  • certain criteria that must be fulfilled in order to become a parent, e.g. minimal social economic capacities as well as mental and physiological requirements;

  • the importance of a safe environment, the protection of rights and the honouring of duties by all participants involved in the process of medical reproductive technology.

What kind of information 

We are working in gathering relevant information on two different perspectives:

1) Information about the most popular Medical Reproductive Techniques, such as:

a) Surrogacy

b) IVF

c) Sperm and Egg donation

d) HIV+ and Sperm Washing


2) Information about different hurdles some groups have to go through, such as:

a) LGBT Community 

b) Heterosexual Couples

c) People with Disabilities 

d) Single and unmarried  couples

e) HIV+ and Genetic Diseases 

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