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Financial Aid Program 


The Foundation’s financial grant scheme is intended to sponsor, partially or totally, individuals or couples in their medical reproductive journey:

  • The origins of this fund will come via applications to other foundations and grant schemes and also via individual and/or corporate contributions.

  • The beneficiaries of a grant will have to correctly apply and provide certain required documentation.

  • The redistribution of funds (and its process) will be decided according to pre-determined rules and special deliberations by the management team.

  • Due to the significant cost of medical reproductive technology, there is a premise for economic sustainability. Therefore it is expected that the level of distribution in the first few years will be minimal until the Foundation is able to reach a level of operational sustainability.

  • The main principle of the Family GenerAid Foundation is that no donor (and their contributors) will have ownership of his or her raised capital. Ultimately the capital will belong to the Foundation, and any distribution of that capital will take into account a person’s personal contribution. However, the processes of distribution will also abide by other relevant factors that will be clearly publicised and outlined.  These factors will conform to each national law and UK charities’ common practice.


Steps for applying for Family GenerAid Foundation Financial Program

  1. Fill in the inicial registration form

  2. You will received a secondary form accordingly your Group

  3. Send the request paperwork 

  4. Deliberation for Financial Program will be decided every quarter: February, June, October    

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