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Advocate for Equality

Nowadays, most biological reproductive problems can be resolved using current medical techniques and procedures. However, the access to the latest techniques is surrounded by laws driven by complex ethical problems and confined by the current moral code. Some of the latest procedures are also considered controversial; they often require a complex legal process and are based on highly technical knowledge. As a result, these procedures tend not to be widely known or used and, consequently, are feared by most of the population.


Surrogacy (one of most contentious reproductive techniques) remains a complex issue in the United Kingdom where the process is administered under highly restrictive rules. However, in most other European countries, it is in fact illegal.  Meanwhile, the laws in the USA can vary from state to state. Nevertheless in most of the rest of the world, surrogacy has been unregulated, leaving all concerned in a legal vacuum.


This vacuum and the prospect of sizeable profits attracts unscrupulous people who look to extort intended parents as well as surrogates and donors. The Family GenerAid Foundation is a non-profit organisation with HMRC charitable status.  Its mission is to help and support all groups that are currently excluded or have limited access to medical reproductive technologies including:

•    LGBT comunity;

•    single and non-married individuals;

•    people with disabilities;

•    heterosexual couples particularly where the woman is over 42yo;

•    people HIV+ and with genetic diseases.

For the Family GenerAid Foundation it is important to make a change to the current state of affairs. While there are no right or wrong answers over moral opinions, one opinion should not dictate another. Therefore our commitment is to advocate for more equality, promote rights, and support single or couples that are struggling to reach their dreams of becoming a parent.

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