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What we do

The goals of the Foundation are to:

  • Advocate for equal rights to access the latest medical reproductive technologies and promote the realignment of the current status quo.

  • Promote the standards and rights of all parties involved in any form of assisted medical reproduction.

  • Provide information about medical procedures, costs and the legal process to all those in pursuit of parenthood.

  • Develop research and relevant studies about the current discrimination of non-traditional families that require the latest medical reproductive technologies.

  • Give financial support through the Family GenerAid Foundation’s Grant Scheme.

What we are

Family GenerAid Foundation is:

•    a company limited by guarantee;

•    a non-profit organisation, Company Registration no: 10429450

•    recognised as charitable by HMRC (Ref no: EW67682)

Family GenerAid Foundation strongly believes in:

  • Fair and transparent access to medical reproductive techniques.

  • The fact that there are no perfect parents and there is no perfect way to raise a child.

  • The right to become a parent where a person/couple is/are able to provide a safe and loving environment in which to nurture a child and are able to responsibly prepare, support and guide a child to adulthood.

  • Certain criteria that must be fulfilled in order to become a parent, e.g. minimal social economic means as well as mental and physiological requirements.

  • The importance of the protection of rights and the honouring of duties by all participants in the process of medical reproductive technology;

Our Values

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